DocUnlock is designed to help you feel more confident about your health.

Our mission is to empower people through knowledge.

We provide clear and actionable explanations so that you can have better conversations with your doctor. No knowlege of biology is assumed.


DocUnlock on YouTube

We create bite sized videos to explain interesting and important medical topics.


DocUnlock Academy

Ready to go in-depth?

If you or a family member have been recently diagnosed with a medical condition, you already know how confusing the world of medicine can be.

Our carefully designed online courses de-construct medical conditions so that you develop a thorough and actionable understanding of your condition.

After completing each course, you will be able to have highly informed conversations with your doctor.

Our masterclass content is currently under development.


Our Inspiration

While medical science has taken bold strides forward to help people live longer and healthier lives, this progress has come at the cost of increasing complexity and sometimes confusing medical jargon.

Every day doctors see patients and families grappling to understand the 'how and why' of their health.

Doctors are under increasing pressure to see more patients every day. This means that little time is left for the most fundamental part of the doctor-patient relationship: education and teaching.

The result? Patients and their families end up feeling confused and disillusioned.

The answer?

DocUnlock was founded by Dr Ankit to help people feel more confident and in control of their health.

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Who is Dr Ankit?

Dr Ankit attended Monash University and earned his medical degree (MBBS) in 2013. He graduated with First Class Honours. In recognition of academic excellence, he was awarded the Bryan Hudson Prize in Medicine, the Monash Health Emergency Medicine Prize and the Monash Health Medical Academic Scholarship.

After graduating from medical school, he gained a broad range of clinical experience including General Surgery, Intensive Care, Medical Oncology and Nephrology. He was a finalist for the Victorian Junior Doctor of the Year Award in recognition of his efforts to improve education and training.

He then worked at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre as a Radiation Oncology Registrar and currently works as a Panel Physician at Bupa.

DocUnlock is Ankit’s way of expressing his creativity and his passion for teaching.